3 scholarships to study for free at Taiwan universities

Over 50 Malaysians have just been awarded scholarships to study free in Taiwan universities and language centres this year. Under the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship and Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan Scholarship, they’ll be heading there this fall semester to pursue academic degrees and short-term Mandarin courses.
Five Malaysians will pursue doctoral degrees while 32 will work towards their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Taiwan universites. There are 15 Malaysian recipients who will study Mandarin at uni-affiliated language centres under the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship ,
Anne Hung, who is a representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, stated that Taiwan’s competitiveness increased quickly in the past years — which makes scholarships and bursaries, as listed below, more attractive than ever.
A Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development reported that Taiwan moved up three spots to rank eighth in the latest World Competitiveness Yearbook. 
“The prime focus of higher education institutions in Taiwan is to prepare the students with broad international views, professional knowledge, and a handful of experience in the industry,” Hung said.
Motorcyclists ride down the congested exit of the Taipei bridge during rush hour on August 6, 2021. Source: Sam Yeh/AFP
She also encouraged the awardees to use their scholarship experience to contribute to Malaysian society and enhance the relationship between Taiwan and Malaysia. 
Taiwan is growing more popular as a study destination for its focus on scientific research and hands-on approach to learning. Plus, there are Muslim-friendly considerations, an ultra-efficient public transportation system, world-famous street markets, and so forth.
Besides the MOE Taiwan Scholarship and the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, there are also four Malaysian students who received the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund Scholarship.
This is part of the large offering of scholarships and bursaries by Taiwan universities and colleges for outstanding international students to further their studies there.
Below we take a look at the MOE Taiwan Scholarship, Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, and the Taiwan International Cooperation Development Fund Scholarship and how to apply as an international student:
This is offered for Mandarin learners to study at any uni-affiliated language centres in Taiwan. It provides a monthly stipend of US$790 for a duration of two months, three months, six months, nine months, or 12 months. 
If you want to apply, you must be over 18, have a high school diploma or higher, and you must not be a Taiwanese national or an overseas Taiwanese compatriot. You should also not be studying Mandarin or at any other uni in Taiwan and not have offers of further financial assistance there. 
“The prime focus of higher education institutions in Taiwan is to prepare the students with broad international views, professional knowledge, and a handful of experience in the industry,” Hung said. Source: Sam Yeh/AFP
This encourages high-achieving international students to pursue degree programmes at Taiwan universities. You’ll get a waiver of tuition and certain fees along with a monthly stipend of US$530 (undergraduates) or US$720 (postgraduates)
To apply, you must be a foreign national with a minimum of a secondary school graduation diploma. To add to that, you must possess an excellent academic record and have a great personality. 
This focuses on human resources development and how they play a key role in assisting partner countries achieve sustainable development. This scholarship is provided by partner unis in Taiwan and its benefits include a full-ride scholarship, return airfare, housing, tuition and credit fees, insurance, textbook costs and a monthly allowance.
To be eligible to apply, you must be a citizen of the countries and territories listed here.

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