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State creates a new scholarship for SAAB participants.
A new State University scholarship will enable more Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) participants to pursue a college education.
Promising SAAB students from under-resourced backgrounds can apply for the State University/Student African American Brotherhood Freshman Scholarship. Valued at $2,000, the scholarship is offered for the first year of undergraduate study and may be renewed for three years.
MSU President Clif Smart said this new scholarship marks the university’s continued commitment to ensure as many students as possible have access to higher education.
“Students who otherwise may not be able to afford college will now have an opportunity to gain a quality State degree – one that will give them a brighter future,” Smart added.
Students who apply for the scholarship will receive it if they:
According to SAAB CEO Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, the MSU-SAAB Scholarship strongly supports the organization’s goal of promoting academic excellence.
“It provides an opportunity for SAAB participants with leadership promise at the high school level to reach their highest potential by reducing financial barriers to college,” he said. “The scholarship significantly aids our efforts to create and shape a diversified cadre of future leaders for our nation.”
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