Ahia gburu ya alawa mgbam complex cultural centre for naze people of imo state




This project is the construction of a complex cultural center for the propagation development and preservation of the Owerri North Cultural Activities.  The cultural area is composed of 19 autonomous communities that made up to form the Owerri North clan.  The Owerri clan is well known for some cultural activities such as: • Traditional dances • Masquerade dances • Traditional wrestling contests • Acrobatic displays • Wood and craft works • Sculptural works • Winter carnivals Case studies of cultural center in Owerri (Imo State) and Calabar (Cross River) by achieving good cultural activities a foreign one reflect that a successful development is consideration of thetypes of cultural activities obtained in that particular cultural area,with their various spatial and functional requirements.  The proposed site is located at Naze one of the autonomous community in Owerri North local government area and it is accessible both from all the other autonomous community that make up the clan and other neighbouring communities and towns.  It possesses the potentials for the development of the land related cultural activities in the center.  The Owerri North cultural center will be composed of such departments such as: • Administration and accounts • Performing arts department • Outdoor and research department • Research and Publication • Visual Arts Department • Welfare (Canteen Junior& Senior) Clinic, Environmental Sanitation office. • Parking lots, green lawns, shrubs

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