Statistical analysis of domestic violence against women




This statistical project looks at Statistical analysis of domestic violence against women. The study investigates the prevalence of domestic violence among married women across ten selected countries. The study used the descriptive comparison design methodology to systematically compare the prevalence rate of the various forms of domestic violence reported by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women. The study findings revealed that physical form of domestic violence against married women is very high in Kiribati with 20% of all the countries examined, next to is Tanzania having 16%, Kenya with 11%, whereas, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines and Paraguay has low prevalence of physical forms of domestic violence with less than 8%. The result also shows that the sexual form of domestic violence is extreme in Kiribati which accounts for about 35% of all the countries examined in this study and next to it is Turkey, Kenya and Tanzania. It was therefore concluded that domestic violence still prevails in many countries and among the ten countries examined, it was revealed and concluded that Kiribati, Tanzania and Kenya are experiencing the worst prevalence of domestic violence and actions needed to be taken not only to these three countries but generally across the globe.

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