This project is on effect of drug abuse on teenagers education, with an aim to identify commonly abused drugs among teenagers, and to establish the effects/repercussion of the drugs on the academic performance of teenagers in Bida Local Government Area. To carry out the research, the data collection method where primary and secondary methods, 200 questionnaires were distributed and 185 questionnaires were filled and returned. The filled and returned questionnaire was used for the analysis using the chi-square method. The research revealed that there is a significant effect of drug abuse on teenagers’ education in Bida Local Government. It was also discovered that Alcohol and tobacco smoking are the major drugs found among teenagers in Bida. It was also discovered that, peer pressure, family background, availability of drugs and money to buy them and frustrations at home such as family break up, conflicts with parents and school failure as shown in table 4.6, table 4.7, table 4.8, table 4.9 and table 4.10 are the repercussion of drug abuse among teenagers in Bida Local government. the researcher however recommended that, All schools should set up guidance and counseling offices facilitated by professionals to counsel students who indulge in drug abuse and also, The parents should also ensure they do not give so much money to their children and if they do so they should ensure that the money is put into constructive use.

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