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Nigeria as a country in west African, classified among the fast developing countries in the world, has laid it upon Herself to be effective in terms of tax evasion and tax system. This research work is carried out to ascertain the impact of withholding tax on efficient tax administration. The impact of tax essentially depends on how effectively and efficiently the administration is employed. Efficient tax administration includes the method of tax collection, suitability of the personnel engaged on the assignment and the state of economic growth of the nation. The objective of the study includes the determination of the factors that affect efficient tax administration in the state, the evaluation of withholding tax on the efficient tax assessment of the positive contribution of withholding tax in the economy of the state through personal interview and validated by the project supervisor. The result of the research study show that withholding tax has seriously contributed to the development of the state and that 80% of the revenue generated is derived from withholding tax. As we proceed in this study. The summary of finding will discuss, that management function should be applied in the tax administration and laws be reviewed periodically.
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The impact of withholding tax on the efficient tax administration