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For a company to ensure and establish its existence as a growing concern, it must aim at a good profitability scheme, in order words called profit optimization, this can only by achieved through efficient use of a good account system. As such, this research study comprises how effective and efficient they have efficiently applied in manufacturing firms or companies using Unilever Nig Plc as a typical example and the impact of this good accounting system, electing their various effects and valuation of their performance. The study bears the problem which is expected to be analyzed and suggested solutions will be offered, such problem  is said to beif the good account system helps in achieving organizational goals. In order to achieve success in carrying out the study, various types of data collection methods were used, which form the primary data, also observation were made to equip the primary data collection. The secondary data collection includes, document, chi-square, materials both published and publishers books. Analysis of data were made with the aid of twenty (20) questionnaires administrated to the respondents, responses were analyzed and decisions taken. The major finding includes that good accounting system influences decision making of any manufacturing company, recommendation were made based on the findings.
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The relevance of a good accounting system in the performance of a manufacturing company