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    This research is on Information retrieval methods (a case study of Onitsha divisional library). This study aims at finding the information retrieval system is basically a system that stores records in a file for data relevant to each request. The purpose of such system is to help access and use of knowledge which has been recorded. This study on information retrieval methods: A case study of Onitsha divisional library is an investigation into the various means adopted by the library under study in their information retrieval process. Particular attention is paid to existing information retrieval methods use in the library and how suitable they are, the basic advantages of digital information retrieval system over manual were also revealed by the study. The research methodology adopted for the research is the survey method; data was collected using questionnaire together with observation. The study also revealed the information retrieval process in the library is manual which the library organizes each materials through cataloguing, classification and indexing. Base on the problem encountered, some useful suggestions on how to improve on the information retrieval function in the library were made. The study also concluded by suggesting that further research study be made.

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