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    An appraisal and reactivation of abandoned building projects. A case study of construction industries in Lagos state

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    This project is on An appraisal and re-activation of abandoned building projects. A case study of construction industries in Lagos state. The construction industry in Nigeria is littered with many billions of naira worth of uncompleted projects in reckless states of abandonment. Many claims and counter claims have been traded as to the cause of this unpleasant situation. Abandoned projects are projects once initiated but stopped due to one reason or the other, this study reveals that these abandoned projects are more in the rural areas than the urban centres of Lagos state. This study is concerned with the identification of the major causes of project abandonment with a view or process of reactivating these abandoned building projects and proffering solutions to obviate and reduce this ugly trend. Causes of abandonment of project include; death of the client, fraud, lack of cash flow forecast e.t.c. Implication of such projects are; social, economic and physical implications some of the proffered recommendation include regular assessment of work in progress, offending contractors should be blacklisted, the procedure of awarding contracts should be devoid of sentiments of favouritism amongst others. The consequence of abandonment of building projects were highlighted to include: tying down of funds and land spaces, extra cost involved in completion of such projects, continued scarcity of residential accommodation, defacing the landscape and harbouring people of deviant behaviour, reduction in the Gross Domestic Product G.D.P and the associated stigma. Suggestion were proffered as to how abandoned of projects could be minimised and how some of the abandoned projects could be revived and completed. Prominent among such suggestion include: adequate planning of projects, proper cost planning/financial appraisal of project, proper site investigations, selection of reputable contractors/manager to oversee project execution.

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