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    This research is on five star hotel in Enugu state Nigeria. This project topic has it genesis in my desire to do an intensive, demanding, but rewarding topic for the thesis project since Enugu state doesn’t have any existing five –star hotel. The emergency of Governor Sullivan chime as the executive is another catalyst for the project. From 2007 till date his government has brought a face life for the state as well as an attendant influx of personnel for both business and state affairs, hence such a will solve the problem of inadequate hotel accommodation, boast potentials for the state and provide an international business connection centre for both local and foreign businessmen. This project topic will meet up with the following, objective such as: assessing the development of hotel industry in Enugu state in particular and Nigeria in general, determining the socio-economic implications of hotel development in Enugu state, it should be capable of catering for national and international gust in their diversity of needs, food, lodging service and recreation, it should also strive to project the rich cultural heritage of Enugu state. In order to achieve these objectives I had to embark upon proper research procedures which are mainly the use of deductive analysis. Some of the procedures include site/field visit, use of semi – standardized interview, literature reviews, questionnaire, face-to-face interviews, consultations from text books, journals and internet facilities. However diligent use of collected. Not minding the time constraint, the researcher was able to complete his work.

    The main body of this thesis has six chapters were the following were discussed in details: Hotel Industry case study (Design criteria), principles of Hotel Design, A form of hotel classification, the project itself, and also the design influence having done this a detailed analysis of the project site is carried out. An in depth of study was made to ensure the genuineness of information provided.

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