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    Impediments to and Optimization Strategies for Solid Wastes Management In Onitsha Urban Anambra State.

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    This research is on Impediments to and Optimization Strategies for Solid Wastes Management In Onitsha Urban Anambra State.  The study examined the relationship between impediments to and optimization strategies for solid waste management in Onitsha Urban Anambra State. Public awareness, recycling and reuse were adopted as strategies for optimizing solid waste management hence the dimensions for the study while waste generation and waste disposal were seen as impediments to solid waste management hence the measures for the study. In line with the conceptual and operational frameworks, three objectives, six research questions and six hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Pertinent literature was reviewed and the study utilized the Unethical Theory (UT) which comprised of system theory, theory of reasoned action and theory of planned behaviour as the sociological baseline theory employed for the study. The study was conducted at the micro level unit of analysis adopting cross-sectional survey research design which is correlational in nature. A total of 189 copies of questionnaire were distributed, 167 were retrieved and 150 copies were found useable and used as the original sample size for the analyses. The researcher primarily collected data with the aid of a self-designed structured five point Likert Scale questionnaire. Face validity, content validity and construct validity were used to test the validity of the research instrument. Data generated were analyzed at different levels. For primary level data, descriptive analytical tools precisely frequency tables supported with chats were used to analyze demographic data while for secondary data analysis, descriptive statistics which comprised of means and standard deviation was employed to analyze univariate data and for tertiary level data, inferential statistical tool i.e. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used to test the stated hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. These analyses were conducted using a computer software package called statistical package for social sciences. Results showed that in Onitsha Urban Anambra State, low public awareness, low solid waste recycling and low solid waste reuse were a major impediment to solid waste generation and solid waste disposal. Based on these findings, the researcher recommended among others that: administrators of solid waste management agencies should formulate and implement policies and programmes that will enhance public awareness regarding solid waste management, solid waste recycling and solid waste reuse. The researcher also recommends that the local government authority through the state government should fund waste management agencies adequately and the welfare of their staff should be improved; roads and inter streets road network should be improved; modern technologies should be provided and in-service training given to staff on how to apply same.

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