• development-of-an-online-examination-system-case-study-yabatech
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    Development of an online examination system. Case study: YABATECH

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    This research is on Development of an online examination system. Case study: YABATECH. Online examination systems are being used by an ever-increasing number of institutions to help reduce time deficiency, cost, exam malpractices such as impersonation and other unethical exam-related exercises that take place in most independent and national examinations. In this study, an explanation of how online examination systems are related to some traditional or manual based analysis, and techniques are presented and how online examination systems help institutions increase the efficiency of result generation. The project describes various limitations of current system methods and discusses possible solutions that can improve online examination system and makes it applicable to an even broader range of institutions. This project was carried out using tools like PHP to develop the front end and MYSQL for the back end of the software-online examination system. Evaluation of the project strictly shows that the software system can reduce 50% of the present examination malpractices problem in the current manual system.

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