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The core thrust of this study is to investigate the ship financing structure in the Nigerian middle of the expedition. Nigerian companies face problems far more enormous than their inability to raise the capital is far more historic than others.

The purpose of this study is to achieve the following objectives:

1. To know the concerns of the players in the shipping industry and the financial and relevant issues for both pafrties.

2. To access restrictions, requirements and expectations of the maritime and financial companies to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.

3. coming up with an action plan based on the findings of the study to bridge the gap between shipping companies and financiers.

This study used primary and secondary research methods. Primary research was achieved through personal communication with managers and executives and the representatives of the following sectors: shipping companies, commercial banks, etc. N.I.M.A.S.A

In conclusion, it is hoped that the results of the study can be used as a guide to take appropriate measures to deal with dilemmas, concerns and problems of shipping companies to access competitive financing rates from banks local.

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