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The effects of existing bid selection on public buildings construction projects in Kaduna state



An appraisal of the effects of government legislations and policies on building development in Nigeria.


The Nigerian government has embarked upon a number of legislations and policies aimed at improving building development costs. This paper focuses on policies and laws governing the protection against building development and proper possible solutions. The problems, as well as the aim and objectives of the research, were addressed, the limitation/scope of the research, as well as the significance of the study, is also explained. It also gives the general meaning of major terms used in this project. Major literatures on the subject matter such as land use plan, statutory requirement, land use decree, national housing policy, ban on importation/import restriction, government monetary and fiscal policy, increase in workers’ wages were all explained in the course of this study. Research methodology employed, included a structured questionnaire in gathering data, use of relevant publications, internet and personal interview. Data generated were presented in tabular form and further analyzed using percentage method to show the degree of response. The result revealed that Nigerian legislations and policies have effects on building development, the research also revealed that not all legislations and policies are catalysts for rapid building development. The research work concludes that some of the legislation implemented has helped the nation in so many ways while some have hindered the construction of buildings in Nigeria. Recommendation of the research was drawn which includes: before any legislation and policies formulation by the government, a proper appraisal should be carried out so as to know their effects on different sectors of the economy. 


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