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Assessment of effect of manpower development on workers’ productivity.


The Role of Manpower Planning and development in promoting sustainable development of any nation cannot be underestimated. The social-economic and political development of Nigeria to a large extent depends on the quality and quantity of existing human resources. The study is conducted in five chapters. Chapter one details the introduction, statement of the problem, research question, aims and objectives of study, significance of the study, the scope of the study, limitation of the study, research organization, research timeline the existing literature on the topic was reviewed in the second chapter, it also involves survey of related issues and concept, theoretical and framework in chapter three, hypothesis, operationalization, types and sources of data, population of the study, sampling techniques and sample selection, method of data collection, method of data presentation and analysis, the organizational structure were discussed. In chapter four, data presentation, data analysis, hypothesis testing, and discussion of findings were presented and analyzed. The research generally summarized the issues on the topic and proffer solutions to the identified problems which involve the use of strategic manpower planning process, systematic training, and computerized method in data management in chapter five.


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