Assessment of safety and accident procedures of hotel

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Assessment of safety and accident procedures of hotel. The main objective of this study is to highlight to the general public the safety procedures in a hospitality establishment. The specific objectives of the study were to find out the method used to control the rate at which accidents occurrs in the hotel and suggest the form of prevention measure, and also to enlighten hotel users about food poisoning, causes, prevention method and also to educate hotel staff to be very conscious and always be conversant with preventing measure relevant literature was consulted as secondary method while questionnaire were administered to the primary method, data collected where analysis and discusses in chapter four, against the finding where accident resulting from fire burn, slippery floor and knife cut. The recommendation includes proper use of working equipment like gas/electrical cookers and extinguishers. Finally, the researcher recommended that every staff should be given training on safety procedures that prevent, accidents, food poisoning and the important of security in the hotel establishment.

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Assessment of safety and accident procedures of hotel

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