This study aimed at finding out the management of school records in secondary schools in Mokwa Zonal Education Office. When school principals fail to adhere strictly to effective and accurate records keeping management, the achievement of effective school management will always be at the crossroads. Similarly, poor and inaccurate records keeping in the school system dwindle and prevent understanding of real school events and activities. This study, therefore, becomes very imperative with a view to advance remedial steps in the event of poor and inaccurate records keeping among secondary schools in Mokwa zone inspectorate of Education. The study was carried out with four (4) research questions and three (3) hypothesis. The researcher developed questionnaire that was the instrument used in collecting data from 52 principals and 364 teachers randomly selected from the 52 public secondary schools in Mokwa education zone. From the reactions of the respondents, the following two major findings were made. There are so many problems associated with records keeping management in the secondary school system. That through various ideal administrative practices and strategies, there will be a wholistic improvement on records keeping in the school system. In view of these findings, it was recommended that principals and teachers should employ ideal administrative practices and strategies to improve on records keeping management in the secondary school system towards ensuring valid and reliable school information. 

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