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Capital adequacy and deposit money banks in Nigeria – case study of Access, Fidelity and Skye bank in Owerri, Imo state.


Capital adequacy and deposit money banks in Nigeria with a case study of Access Bank, Fidelity Bank and Skye bank in Owerri have been chosen to examine the maximum amount a bank should hold to enable it to fulfill its financial and other obligations. A bank is an organization that stocks money or deals in money and capital. If this capital lacks in a bank, the resultant effect will definitely be the termination of the no capital to carry out the obligations of the bank such as competing with other banks, paying workers, salaries, lack of adequate capital or capital adequacy in a bank will make the bank to go into distress. For the effective accomplishment of objectives, this research work is divided into five chapters. Chapter one provides a general introduction showing the background of the study, the purpose of the study, limitations of the study, etc. chapter two presents the literature review with some of the following sub-heading the concept of capital adequacy, function and importance of a banks capital, how much capital is adequate: measurement of capital adequacy etc. Chapter three stipulated the methodology and instrument adopted. While chapter four deals with the presentation of the data. Finally, chapter five deals with the summary of the work done, conclusions and the recommendation of the research. .


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