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Construction of a battery charger

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This project focuses on focuses on the construction of a battery charger. Charging is carried out with the battery charging device and this has taken care of the problem of discontinuity and has enabled optimum use of the battery. The device used for charging is known as a battery charger. This battery charger is automatic in the sense that auto–cutoff has to be incorporated to cut– out the circuit when the battery is fully charged. A battery charger is basically a direct current (DC) power supply designed to induce electrical charges in all rechargeable DC batteries in order to raise the voltage to its standard value. The battery charger constructed here consists of the following: transformer, a rectifier circuit, a switch, a relay, a filter circuit, a voltage regulator, and a Zener diode. The result obtained after the design and construction of a battery charger conformed to the accepted standard of the polytechnic, under Electrical Electronic Engineering.

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