Construction of a low cost drip irrigation system for water melon production

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Irrigation, which is the artificial application of water to the soil for the purpose of crop production, has been one of the major ways to increase the productivity of agriculture. Drip Irrigation which is one of the varieties of Irrigation has not yet been popularized because of its sophistication and high cost. As such, this project sets out to construct a simple and affordable drip irrigation system which comprises the PVC pipes, micro-tubings which are used to construct the flow paths and emitters or drippers. It was observed that the discharge per emitter for a particular position did not fluctuate much, rather there was a sharp increase in emitter discharge as the emitter regulator was adjusted upwards. This work recommends, among other things, that government(s) should encourage further research works in Irrigation, in order to develop simple and affordable Irrigation systems, both low and high-pressure ones.

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