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Design and implementation of a Computer aided learning of basic science subjects



Abstract This project work on Computer Aided learning of basic science subjects creates an environment, where learning and assessment of science is fun and the opportunities to learn is equitable among the rural and urban learner. The Computer Aided Learning Basic Science Subjects is primarily introduced to enhance the quality of learning by making “Learning Play”, “Assessment Fun” and “Equal knowledge for all”. Computer Aided learning of basic science subject program is to attract the learners, retain them in the schools and to improve the quality of the education through text-based educational content. Reducing illiteracy in science is also the ideology behind this project work and problems of students been scared away from science with the impression that calculation in it is bothersome. Computer Assisted Learning Program objective is sought to be achieved through presentation of the subjects in a readable format, thinkable jokes. Aided instruction program improves the interest of learners in school studies and thus increase school attendance and better performance in examinations. The teaching process with the integration of the IT in the class and Improvement in learners and teacher increases learning and productivity as well makes learners better prepared for getting into any education and continue with Computer Education at a higher level. 


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