Abstract Museum is a feature of every nation. This feature is most prominent in tourist centers. Every state in the nation has a museum, and Abia state cannot be an exception. People enjoy using the museum because of the numerous advantages it offers. If not for anything, it enlightens people. But then museum comes with responsibility namely management. Items in the museum are numerous. The visitors to the museum frequently take items. The museum adds new items to the collection, sometimes one may need to check whether a particular item is in the museum. This project design and implementation of a 3D digital museum is designed to solve the above issues. The system helps the museum manager to manage all the items in the museum. It enables faster retrieval of information. It allows the user to walk round the museum digitally without having to be at the physical location of the museum. The database is organized in such a way that one can search by year, origin, item title, etc. Structure system analysis and design was the methodology used to design this project. 

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