Design and implementation of a file encryption and hash system for data and information transfer



Abstract This project design and implementation work was done on system security in File Encryption and Hash System algorithm for data and information transfer using Visual Studio. The application is designed using mainly the VisualStudio.net. It is designed as a desktop application, as a result, the user interfaces are developed using web technologies such as VisualStudio.net and JavaScript. This project tries to have made the study of the security keys of data and information, which can achieve these functions such as data encryption digital signature and identity authentication. Based on the analysis of the security key system, the project also introduces its formation, functions, and cryptosystem while putting forward a file encryption project on the basis of the data and information security key. The project adopts a combination of software and hardware. The software conducting the process of file encryption and hardware taking charge of the management of secret keys and the encryption of session key. The project makes a full use of respective advantage such as the Asymmetric Algorithm, Advanced Encryption Standard, Data Encryption Standard, Blowfish, Rivest, Shamir and Adleman, RC4, RC5, and RC6, which are Encryption techniques to encrypt the plaintext that generates ciphertext that can only be viewed in its original form if decrypted with the right key. Electronic documents using the algorithms of the Symmetric algorithms and transmit their secret key by employing the ones of the public-key cryptosystem. Simultaneously, the validation of the informative integrity and authenticity has been realized by the use of information abstract algorithms. With high security, high efficiency and user-friendliness, the project achieves the file encryption with the strong extendibility of the system on the basis of the characteristics of data and information security key.

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