Design and Implementation of a Network Based Security Information System



Abstract It is the purpose of this project to provide a practical survey of network based security information system. The emphasis is on applications that are widely used on the internet and for corporate networks, and on standards, especially internet standards that have been widely deploy. In this age of electronic eaves dropping, electronic fraud, viruses and hackers of information. Unauthorized users to detect and access data information as well as deleting company’s vital documents. Information security in a network system has assumed increasing importance. Two trends have come together to make this project of vital interest. First, the explosive growth in computer systems and their interconnections via networks has increased the dependence of both company’s and individuals on the information stored and communication using these systems. This in turn, has led to a heightened awareness of the need to protect data and resources from disclosure, to guarantee the authenticity of network based attack. Second, the discipline of cryptography and network have matured, leading to the development of practical, readily available application to enforce network security. However, this software designed to ensure proper protection of system resources, and also to restrict unauthorized access of company’s and individual’s information in a network system. The programming language used is visual basic 6.0 and access database. Visual basic 6.0 is an event driven programming language well suited for windows application.

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