Design and Implementation of a Transacting System or an ATM Machine



Abstract This project is aimed at designing and implementing a transacting system or an ATM machine for Oceanic Bank Plc, Obosi Onicha. Specially, this study covered the activities of financial institutions in mobilizing cash payments and given the larger part of it to customers who wish to do their cash transactions electronically in Oceanic bank Obosi Onitsha. In a bid to successfully carry out a transaction receipt generating system  for an ATM  machine with a view of finding out its shortcomings, this attempt enabled the researcher to design and implement a transaction receipt generating system for cash transactions that would, if well implemented help to uplift the financial operations of Oceanic bank Plc Obosi Onitsha. The New system will be developed using Microsoft visual basic 6.0. This programming language was chosen because of its ideal nature for writing windows based application. 

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