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Design and implementation of a Web based assignment submission and feedback system



Design and implementation of a Web-based assignment submission and feedback system


Formative assessment should be an integral part of teaching and learning in Abdul Gusau Polytechnic T/Mafara. In this work, we implement a formative assessment model process, which identifies activities within the process that need to be automated, such as administrating submission of assignments and providing assignment feedback. Feedback is given to students on time, allowing them to act on it, and without being tied to university working hours.  Tutors are freed from administrative chores to provide ‘quality’ feedback. The model goes beyond these basic functions. It provides context-sensitive guidelines and helps.  It provides specific support for a number of assignment types such as group work and portfolio creation, allowing the student to reflect on their work, making them a more reflective learner, and providing the tutor with data that can be used to help shape the teaching. The application was developed with PHP and MySQL. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing web-based applications. 


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