Design and implementation of a web-based employees appraisal and assessment management system



Abstract Web-based Appraisal and Assessment Management System is the use of computer technologies to analyze the performance of an individual, which usually includes an assessment of the individual’s current and past work performances. There are two main reasons for the appraisal process. The first is the control purpose, which means making decisions about pay, promotions, and careers. The second is about identifying the development needs of individuals. The new system will be a vital tool to measure the frameworks set of FUTO to its employees. It is utilized to track individual contribution and performance against the school’s goals and to identify individual strengths and opportunities for future improvements and assessment whether the school’s goals are achieved or serves as a basis for future planning and development. Challenges faced by employees of FUTO in terms of performance appraisal and assessment include: no appropriate rewards given to best employees, appraisal system fully biased in favor of some-persons/employees, no genuine feedback of results. It is recommended that the school implements the newly developed web-based appraisal system to align its vision and mission towards the attainment of its organizational goals. The system is designed using PHP as the programming language, MySQL as the database management system, JavaScript as the scripting language, HTML as the presentation language, CSS as the style-sheet language, and XAMPP as the local development server. The software methodology adopted in this project development is the Spiral Model this is a software development process combining elements of both design and prototyping-in-stages, in an effort to combine advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts. It is a meta-model, a model that can be used by other model.

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