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The background of the study is Fidei polytechnic Gboko. Here is the brief history about the Institute from the school official website.

In a bold attempt to fully top the potentials of the private sector in the areas of education, the Education National Minimum Standards and Establishment of institutions Decree of 1985 was amended in 1993 January as follows:

An Institute of the Federation or of a state of by a local government or by any of the following, that is:

a. By company incorporated in Nigeria or

b. By an individual who satisfy the criteria set in the schedule to this Act f establishment of institutions.

Following this Decree, the guidelines for the establishment of Private Polytechnics, monotechnics and other similar tertiary institutions was drafted as a guide for all prospective proprietors of private polytechnics and colleges of technologies, with the National Board for Technical Education N.B.T.E As the statutory body set up by the Federal Government to manage and control all matters relating to polytechnics.

With this deliberate policy of government, Fidei Polytechnic was established as an answer to the cry of thousands of Benue indigenes who were either being eliminated out of other schools or could not gain admission into the only one existing polytechnic in the state and elsewhere. Thus, the Very Revd. Fr. Dr. Chris Utov came into the initiative to establish Fidei Polytechnic inorder to complement governments effort in the education sector through private participation.

The Polytechnic accordingly complied with all statutory rules for the establishment of a private tertiary institution and obtained official consent and approval to operate in September 2001 from the state ministry of Education, Makurdi, Benue State.

However, FIDPOLY has not been established as a comparative pride or as an opposition academy to any other in Benue State or elsewhere, but as a child of academic necessity and in answer to as well as in fulfillment of several contending and prevailing circumstances.

The aim of the institute as set out in the law establishing it include

i To organize, improve and develop courses of science and training various categories of students.

ii To promote research and advancements of science and leasing .

iii To serve as a center for educational research especially as applied to local conditions.

iv To organize, improve and extend education of standard higher than secondary school level.

v To encourage all closes and communities without any distinction to pursue liberal course of education.


The difficulties student and staff of admission department usually force in any institution of higher learning made us to realize that computer aid an online admission system is the best that can happen to Fidei polytechnic Gboko. This will save our school the embarrassment caused by students complaints at the end of the working day.

It was in the view of this that Sundison 1994 pointed out that a typical problem students have had was moving from school to another school. In a modern society labour moves quite a bit and many students change schools at least once in their lifetime. Every time new students were offered admission into a school, there was a problem of which curriculum the previous school had followed and therefore whether the previous level tallied with those of the new school.

Many students neither know their right nor left at the admission level in the institution. Admission had frustrated so many students that some even roles a lot of lectures in pursuit of registration.


The original purpose of this study is to design and implement an online students admission system in Fidei polytechnic Gboko. Its purpose are to have the following:

i Efficient and safe storage

ii Quick retrieval of records and information

iii Proper accounting and file keeping

iv Quick response to any adhoc enquires

v Assist in result recording

vi Assist in CCPA updating


It is hoped that the result of this study will serve as tools for helping students who wish to register for their NCE programmes, and will go a long way helping the staff also. This is easy to achieve since standard and tested computer programs handle all sort of complex calculations, storage and retrieval of valuable information needed fro the school.

Also, important is the fact that records prepared with electronic machine can be stored as long as needed in nonbulky and compact systems.

Works has been done in many areas of computerization, in industry and commerce but not much has been done in school administration and management system/services. We have therefore done this work to highlight the use of an online in the important area of students services.


This work is confined to the Fidei polytechnic Gboko that is our area of research work. This was done to attain a standard output that will be useful to both students and as well as the staff of institute. It also helps in making a quick, accurate, efficient and reliable data processing.

1.6 Limitation of the research work

Cost: cost is one of the limitation to this research work were it requires huge amount of money to put up this system with such functions, and the resources that it requires in order to run effectively

Maintenance: the new system requires regular service and maintenance were to make every necessary updates.

Power supply: Availability of stable, efficient and reliable power supply is also a source of limitation this project as it depend only on source of energy to keep functioning

1.7Definitions of term

Computer Network: Computer Network is a system that connects two or more computers together using a communication link.

World Wide Web: World Wide Wed simply called www is the most important tool of the Internet. It was created in the late 1980s in Europe and was used limitedly in academic cycle.

Databases: A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated. It is also called databank.

File Transfer: Any kind of computer file can be sent via the Internet from one Internet user to another. Table of accounts on spreadsheets, design by a graphic artists, music sound files etc, can all be exchanged in this way.

Web Brower: This is a special kind of software that processes hypertext makeup language HTML document. In other words, a web browser is a computer program that interprets HTML command to collect, arranged and display the parts of a web page.

Web Site: A website is a collection of many interconnected web pages organized by a specific college, organization company etc, containing web pages good and commodities on the Internet. Web site are stored on web servers. There are many web site and thousand of HTML pages on each web site. A web site is a treasure of information and entertainment.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are highlighted words and phrase you find on web documents that you can click on as to jump to some other documents or Internet services.

Online: Connected via a computer attached to or available via a central computer network.

Offline: Disconnected from computer network; describes a computer terminal or peripheral device disconnected from a computer network.

System: Set of computer components that is, an assembling of hardware, software and peripherals functioning together.

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