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Design and implementation of computer aided system that solves algebraic equations



Abstract Traditionally, the concept of teaching mathematics has always been a teacher-student relationship in which the teacher explains the concept of the topic to the student and illustrates it with some examples. The student is then left to understand the topic on his or her own using the tools given by the teacher. A problem often results when the student needs a guide while practicing and the teacher is not available. In that case, learning becomes slow and hindered. As we are in a digital age, where computers have been built to emulate most services usually offered by a human, it is believed that the computer can also stand in the gap for the teacher in his/ her absence. With respect to algebra, the objective of this project is the design and implementation of a computer-aided system that algebraic equations with limitations to simultaneous equations, quadratic equations and cubic equations (involving real numbers only). The system is designed using Java, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and MathTex as the programming languages. The methodology used is the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Method. It is expected that this software would be able to stand in the gap in the absence of the teacher and help students solve algebraic equations on their own, using their own examples and at their own pace and also help teachers in getting versatile knowledge of algebraic equations by testing them with their own variables. It could also help teachers understand the most optimal methods for solving an algebraic equation to avoid errors in the process of teaching and learning. 


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