Design and Implementation of computerized hospital database management system



Abstract Clinical database typical contain a significant amount of temporary information. Information is often crucial in medical decision support system. This project involves a careful study of an existing manual system, the designing and implementing a clinical database system, using Imo State University Medical Centre as the case study. The major areas considered are the General Administrative Unit, the Pharmaceutical unit the Nursing Unit, the Laboratory Unit the Public  Health Unit the wards and the medical record unit. With the comprehensive information obtained from the Imo State University  Owerri, medical centre and from other different medical sources, I developed a clinical database framework for managing the operations of the clinic. This  software will help a quick access to patient medical records such as patient name, patient diagnosis, prescriptions, drugs dispensed allocation of roads patient’s treatment etc. the software is designed and implemented using Visual Basic 6.0.  This scalable system can also be extended to manage larger clinics and relevant computerized health centre.

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