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Design and Implementation of Computerized Land Information System for Land and Urban Development Enugu




Land is a free gift of nature and a factor of production, land tenure is the name given, particularly in common law systems, to the legal regime in which land is owned by an individual, due to the fact that Keeping record of lands and their owners has been a great task to government and the governed,  access to land information proves difficult that most times people are defrauded due to lack of land information, illegal sales of lands without the consent of the owner are very common etc.  This work‘Computerized Land information system’ is designed to help keep record of land which includes: the size of the land, Location of the land, the type of houses to be built on such lands, the owners of purchased Lands and so on. Therefore this, software is developed to keep record of land information system. As such making it easy to keep detail information on land size, location, ownership and type of house to be built on the land and also easy accessibility of stored records, hence the record in this software will be stored in a database. I recommend that the ministry of Land and Housing Enugu sees and embraces this work for convenient and efficient way to keep information of land. This application has been developed to run on visual basic 6.0 environment.


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