Design and utilization of a site-specific search engine for undergraduate projects

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Abstract The need for Search Engine as a tool for sourcing useful information cannot be overemphasized. Search Engine is a software program that searches the Internet based on the words that users designate as search terms (query words). Search engines look through their own databases of information in order to find what the user is looking for. Researchers and anyone who seeks reliable information searches the internet using several search engine platforms like Google, Archie, and Mamma. Site-specific search engine has become increasingly important for the websites of educational institution, government and private companies because it provides more detailed information that general search engine usually can’t offer. This study presents a simple but responsive site-specific search engine for archiving and retrieving undergraduate project documents using PHP programming language running on Structural Query Language (SQL). Because PHP is well known for its simple syntax and strong support for main web technology, we hope it will be beneficial for learning information retrieval techniques, especially web search engine technology.

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