Abstract The aim of this project was to develop a web-based system that will contain all the information about the private sector assets for tax assessment. The objective was to register and assess all the assets of the entire private sectors establishment in a particular area for tax payment. These assets include: land, heavy equipment, light equipment, motor/vehicle, residential building, commercial building, and industrial building etc. The system will carry out tax assessment of the assets and enable the user to know the amount of money to pay on for the assets as tax. The system performs the following function: e-registration, tax evaluation, listing of designated banks, tax offices, and business firms. A questionnaire was used as an instrument for data collection on information about the existing system. A Structural System Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM) were used in the design of the software. The system was implemented using WAMP SERVER, PHP, HTML, CSS and MYSQL technologies. The result of the study revealed that the web-based system enables a client to register his/her business, generate an acknowledgement slip, conduct a tax evaluation of his assets, generate a tax invoice, display a list of officially designated banks for tax payment, display a list of tax offices. and also display a list of existing business firms in the area covered by the web-based system.

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