It is known fact that the principal motive of management of any organization is to make individual and people contribute positively towards the activities which it consist. So as to achieve the mission and goal of the enterprise employee motivated.

Hermman motivates are based on need such as the physiological requirement for water food sleep and shelter other need may be regarded as secondary such as self esteem status. Affiliation with others compliment and self assertion or satisfaction (Daniel, 1982).

A motives as well as directs motivate their subordinated is to say why they do those thing, which they hope will satisfy, these drives and desire as to induce in the subordinate so as to act in a desired manner if the motivation of employee is to be more productive and for it to produce at a high level of quality often required what a variety of an incentive be used in varying proportion as can best be esteemed by managerial personnel. Because of the differences in need patterns and their ever changing natures, the incentives that may be best for one group or an individual may not be effective for another of a particular time.

The use of motivational tool does not only involves the monetary aspect but also comprise non financial incentive such as transportation facilities accommodation facilities welfare services etc one need to explain the non-financial incentives aspiration the typical employer.

It is usually the responsibility of the supervision to ensure that the employees feels that the up (the organization) came about their views and suggestion on work emplacement, income simplification and such other routine matter (Ibekwun 1984).

It is describe that job should be varied or given to employee accomplished which boost their age and gives them a feeling of pride and sense of achievement more also job security can serve as an incentive which includes some individuals to remain with an organization so as to reach animal satisfactory level of performance.

Hence motivation tend to be cost to their employee while it is a benefit or major source of income to employees. No organization can hopefully succeed without the effort of the employees performance with focus on first bank plc as case study.


In the past years there has been a steady increase in most Nigerian industries, the crisis is as a result of a poor working condition, strigent rules, poor and delayed payment of workers wages and salaries.

Again the crises also results from the failure of the top management to appreciate to human element as the most crucial factor and the determinant of attainment of goals and objectives this result into frustration which manifest itself differently by individual or workers. It is view of this that this research intends to look at the effect of motivation on employee performance in an organization taking first bank plc as a case study.


The objectives of the study includes:

To determine whether personnel employee need to be motivated.
to determine whether motivation is related to performance
to determine whether promotion is motivating factor to performance.
to determine whether personnel do perform optionally
to determine whether workers do get adequate remuneration.

The study is significant in that it would serve as a basic for future researcher who would like to carry out a research on a similar topic it would also give an impetus to policy makers on how best to improve motivation on employee performance in an organization especially in first bank Plc. Also the result of this study would give relatively good understanding on the effect of motivation on employee performance in an organization.


Ho: Motivation has no effect on employee performance in first bank plc.

Hi: Motivation has effect on employee performance in first bank plc.


The study shall cover first bank Plc Kaduna. In relation to motivational tools been used to affect its employee to theories of motivational importance of motivation its impact on the Nigeria working environment.


Inaccessibility of sufficient research materials. The materials used for the research were not readily available and adequate enough for a comprehensive research as desired by the researcher must comment lent books and other relevant publication in libraries within and outside the school.
Uncooperative attitude of respondent: These were some respondents that were not ready to answer vital information for the purpose of this research such valuable information was considered to be confidential and as well were not ready to release confidence secret to the organization.
Low return rate of questionnaire: Some of the questionnaire distributed to respondents without properly filling as such that they were not used in analyzing the data.
Academic pressure: This is the frequent test in school assignment and always pay visit to library in the search of relevant materials lampered the researcher in writing a name comprehensive and better research work done.

In research of this nature it is quite necessary to define some of the key occurring terms. The essence is to make them operational in the context in which they have been used.

Personnel: This refers to the people who work for an organization.

Performance: This is a measure of how well the personnel do in the organization so as to achieve the goals and objectives.

Satisfaction: The state of being contended pleased or the state of acquiring what one wants or need the act of satisfying.

Remuneration: This simply means in amount of money that is paid for somebody for the work that have been done.

Organizations: This refers to a group of people that forms as business club etc. together to order to achieve a particular aim this also means the act of making arrangement or preparation for something.

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