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Effects of curing regime on properties of recycled aggregate on concrete




This research was carried out to investigate the effects of curing regime on the properties of recycled coarse aggregate on concrete. The recycled coarse aggregate used was gotten from the building laboratory in the department of building technology federal polytechnic Bida, Cement was obtained from a building material dealer in Bida. Since most contractors tend to shortcut curing requirements in the field or ignore them completely thereby causing destruction to lives and properties. This research work is therefore aimed at determining the effects of different curing methods on the compressive strength of concrete.  Concrete cubes were cast using 100mm X 100mm X 100mm steel mould and the British method of mix design was adopted. A total of 60 cubes were cast using a water-cement ratio of 0.5 and the mix ratio of 1:2:3. The study analyze different curing methods which includes sample cured in water, sample cured by the sprinkling of water, sample cured wrapped in membrane and sample left in an open-air. The cubes were tested for compressive strength at 3,7,14 and 28days respectively. At 28days, the control sample gained maximum strength of 26.6N/mm2 while samples sprinkled with water, those wrapped in the membrane and those left in an open-air gained strength of 26.4N/mm2, 25.1N/mm2 and 21.7N/mm2 respectively. The result shows that sample sprinkled and those wrapped in membrane gained strength relatively close to that of the control sample. As such, it can be recommended as an acceptable method of curing. However, the result also shows that sample left in an open-air perform poorly in terms of strength gain. Therefore, concrete cured by immersion in water, sprinkling with water and wrapping in the membrane can be recommended depending on the environment.  


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