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Instructional materials enhance the teaching/learning process by exhibiting information necessary to acquire knowledge and skills. The acquisition of basic vocational knowledge, skills and attitudes to facilitate occupational efficiency requires skill oriented teaching and learning activities. Over the years, the poor performance of students in public examinations has been blamed on the wrong choice of teaching methods by teachers. Teaching and learning activities have a lot to do with other variables, such as instructional materials, school environment variables, students? factors and so on.
In this study, instructional material utilization is the main focus in order to determine their effects on the performance of the students. Instructional materials are the devices developed or acquired to assist or facilitate teachers in transmitting, organized knowledge skills and attitudes to the learners within an instructional situation.
Teachers use different instructional materials to motivate learning. The success in the skill and knowledge acquisition in an instructional situation depends on the suitability of the instructional material, adequacy and effective utilization of the available materials. Also, the relevance of instructional materials to the objective of the lesson and the ease of use of the instructional materials are serious considerations in instructional materials utilization to better the learner?s performance.
The role of instructional materials in the teaching/learning process cannot be overemphasized. They facilitate and encourage self-study or independent study in students. The finding of this study has shown that inadequate use or lack of use of instructional materials in the teaching/learning situation (lecture method) negates the objective of teaching. Teachers who do not make use of instructional materials hide in the cover of none supply of the teaching resources. Therefore, as a matter of policy implementation, the governments at all levels should supply regularly standardized instructional materials, some useful hard and soft ware?s for use in schools. The vocational, technology and science teachers should be trained retrained and exposed regularly to make them to be up to date in the effective selection and utilization of instructional materials for effective teaching.




Lack of classroom materials is one of the problems that our public school has. Because of these problems, teachers are spending their own money in buying materials that will sustain the productivity of the classroom. Lack of classroom materials has a big impact in the process of Teaching and Learning. Through this problem teaching learning process will not become productive and conducive. Classrooms lack basic materials that the teacher need. Many classroom lacks of enough books, art supplies and technology to provide same instruction offered at schools with greater resources. Lack of books translates into an inability for students to take books for homework. Lack of classroom materials is a negative cycle. Without materials, the work doesn?t get done, and without the work there is little incentive to buy into school at all supplies don?t get purchased.
?Everything sends a message. When school doesn?t have supplies, the message is that the students are not important people doing important work. Our students already have doubts about their importance and the value of school. The children without pencil learn to pretend that they don?t care about being prepared, but it is clearly a source of stress. When you?ve lost your last pencil, it?s hard not to feel like a loser. Conversely, having a pencil to lend is a social plus. I have purchased countless supplies for mystudent over the years. Receiving these things from a teacher feels special to students. It?s a practical and tangible expression of care and affection?. Said by Lynn Yellen. It means that these problem calls an attention to our government. We must be a resourceful teacher to find out alternate solution. In this case we are the one who provides the materials that are not available to maintain a learning environment of the classroom.
Elementary teachers spend more of their own money on materials and resources than middle and high school teacher. This is because they do more hands on activities that involve the construction paper, paint, glue, and much more. Teachers already aren?t the most paid workers, but they spend the most money out of their pocket. This is true dedication. They see the need that these students need. Teachers are taking away from their selves and their family to pay for your students. They are provided the supplies that your children need and the parents aren?t picking up the slack. When the economy is in a recession like it is now, the schools systems are lacking more and more. Teachers today are buying supplies for their student in order for their student to get the best education that they believe that their students deserve.
This research will be an avenue for the reader to know the lack of school supplies in the school. The students? personal school supplies and the teachers? access to supplies are both included in this research. I want to discuss how by not having certain school supplies the students are not receiving the best possible education that they could be. I choose this topic as my main focus for my research because I am studying to be a teacher and to know the effects of it happening. This topic is very dear to me and I see the effects on the students. I hope to influence all who read my research to think about helping the school system and how one supply in the school could change the learning experience for a student. I suggest in this problem is to have a Teacher Mini Grants Program. In this program or charitable it gives a funds for them to buy the needed classroom materials. In a practical way our government should focus on this issue and to find solution in this problem. So we can be able to have a quality education.
Statement of the Problem
The General Problem of this study;
How does lack of school supplies affect Teaching LearningProcess?
Specifically the study will seek to answer the following question;
1. What are the condition of pupils in Kaypian Elementary School in facing lack of school supplies in terms of;
1.1 Books
1.2 Chairs
1.3 Visual aids
1.4 First aid kit
1.5 Technology
2. What is the level of the mode of manifestation of lack of school supplies as to;
2.1 Examination
2.3 Interest
2.4 Otheroutputs
3. Is there a significant effect between lack of school supplies and the process of teaching and learning?
Significance of the study
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of lack of school supplies in teaching learning process.
The following will be benefited the study like students, parents, administrators, teacher and future researcher.
Students are the most important person in teaching. Without students teaching learning process will not take place. Students are the one who receives information and knowledge on their teacher. But if the school is facing lack of school supplies, then education will not become market place of idea. Even we lack school supplies if the students are not listening to their teacher, then they cannot be able to learn. That?s why the teacher tells to his/her students to pass different materials like cartolina, Manila paper, colored paper etc. Through this strategy, lack of school supplies is being sustained with the help of his/her students. The students should know the importance of education. Even we encounter different problem in school like lack of school supplies. The students should have a right values and work, so they can gather lots of information.
Parents are the one who provide the needs of her children. In school parents are monitoring the growth and development of their child. The parents can help the school by donating different instructional materials. In this way they are showing their support. The parents should know these problems. In a sense that they are aware that lacking of school supplies is the most problem that the school have. Through this way there are not just aware on their child?s performance but rather the school condition. It is important that they know this, so at least they can help the school in a simple way. These small things are a big help for the improvement of the school. The involvement of the parents to the teacher up to the school is an important matter that they should know.
Administrators are the one who administer the school. The role of administrators is to know, the problems that the teacher encounter. Administrators are the one who make solution on a particular problem. A good administrator will lead to a good school. Even though we have good administrator, lack of school supplies is the hardest problem to solve. We know that we also lack funds to buy the needed materials in teaching. If the administrator will call help to other person, then this problem will be possible to solve. In this thing, the administrators are doing something to sustain the needs of the school. Administrators are the one who maintain the productivity of the school. That?s why they arecalledadministrators, because they are the one who leads the improvement of education in their school.
Teachers are a key factor in teaching. Without teacher the learners will not gain and gather information. In this problem the teacher is the most affected person. If the teacher is a resourceful person, then this problem will be solved. It is important that we us a teacher must make an alternate solution or ways on how to sustain our needs in teaching. Through this ways teaching learning process will become productive and conducive. The teacher is the one who buy materials that are not available in school. Teachers are spending their own money not just for the materials, but also the things of her pupils. Through this way the teacher are showing love and care to his/her students and to the profession that he/she have now. We know that classroom supplies are the important material in teaching. Without these materialslearning cannot take place.
Future researcher is the one who gather and know the problems that he/she seen in a public school. The future researcher can use this study to become his/her guide in conducting research work. It is important that this study will know the future teachers, so they can easily embrace and accept teaching as their profession.
Scope and Limitation
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of lack of school supplies in teaching learning process.The condition of pupils in Kaypian Elementary School in facing lack of school supplies in terms of books, chairs, visual aids, first aid kit and technology.The level of the mode of manifestation of lack of school supplies as to examination, performance, interest and other outputs.
The respondent of the study is the grade five (V) of Kaypian Elementary School.
The study will be conducted for five months (5) from November to March


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