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Impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on the performance of nurses staff




This project studies the Impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on the performance of nurses staff. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is arguably the most rapidly growing segment of the world ecosystem. The development in the sector pervades every human activity social, economic, cultural, religious, political, or health care. Some studies have shown the immense benefits of ICTs as a means of delivering quality health care services, and a way improving the performance of health workers but have left a gap in measuring the true impact of ICTs on Health workers performance, the potential of ICTs in improving Health workers performance have not been fully established. Based on these limited studies, a study of this nature was conducted to investigate the impact of ICT on the performance of nurse’s staffs. The study used quantitative research by use of survey design in which questionnaires were administered to the nurses staffs in PHCC Nassarawa Jahun Bauchi for the collection of data. Sample was drawn from the staff of primary healthcare center Nassarawa jahun Bauchi. A total of 44 staff represented the sample for the study. Descriptive method using SPSS v21 was used for data analysis to answer the research questions. The study revealed that PHCC staff had positive mean rating on the availability of ICT facilities that improve the performance of nurses, level of ICT accessibility that improve their performance, examine the use that improve their performance. The study concluded that ICT has impacted greatly and positively on the performance of nurses staffs. Findings from this research shows that ICT is very important and necessary for the delivering of quality medical services in the medical sector. It was recommended among others that hospitals’ regulatory agencies should collaborate with international agencies such as World Health Organization to aid in the successful implementation and funding for the procurement of sophisticated ICTs to facilitate the dissemination information to improve health workers performance.


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