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This study was carried out on the impact of office environment on the job performance of office workers, Abeokuta metropolis was used to elicit information’s from the (3) local government which are: Odeda local government, Abeokuta North Local government and Abeokuta South local government. The frequency table, mean and standard deviation statistics was employed to analyze the collected data and results were recorded. The study revealed that a better office environment motivates employees. Inadequate facilities and salary structure were major challenges affecting the job performance of office workers. This study recommends that government should provide adequate facilities and equipment’s for workers. Also, proper illumination should be provided and good security should be provided. 



1.1              Background to the Study

The efficiency of office employees is directly or indirectly affected by the conditions under which they are required to do their work which affect the performances of workers and the achievement of organizational objectives for this purpose, this study will focus its attention on the impact of poor office environment on the job performance of office workers in an organization.

Pillai (2005) defines an office as a place where records for the purpose of control, planning and efficient management of the organization are prepared, handled and preserved.

Egbe and Ejiofor (2007) defined office as a place where clerical activities take place.

In a clear statement, the office is a service delivery unit of an organization; such services may include secretarial, clerical, accounting and research duties. These are vital duties that complement or facilitate the work of executives that complement or facilitate the work of executives of an organization. An office reflects the company’s value, attitude and wealth, an office is the company’s handful image for both the workers and visitors and it provides the stage on which the more active element of the company performs for their customers, staff and community. Above all, an office is designed to stimulate environments that encourage activity.

Therefore, an office cannot be defined without the knowledge of its environment. An office environment is a business community where socio-economic or business activities are performed with a view to achieve organizational goals. It should be known that every business system lies within an environment in enhancing work motivation and job satisfaction is necessary in all organization. An organizational management should look into work motivation and conducive environment as antidote for enhancing productivity and influences the amount of work interest and happiness of workers.

The office environment are consisted of office building, furniture and layout, lighting, good ventilation, color decoration, sound and physical conditioning in which workers operate under a safety measure.

1.2              Statement of the Problem

It is a fact that human beings are one important resources available to the organizational and prove to pressure and influences such as noise, poor lighting and unsuitable work tools as this always creates discomfort in the work place and tend to urge the employees to seek more suitable conditions outside the work station. These conditions which are harmful to their health and moral being results in physical and mental fatigue, in other words it result to inefficiency.

The general working environment of most Nigeria office with particular references to Abeokuta metropolis is subjected to utter neglects.

v  The workers or employees have a negative attitude towards their jobs which is manifested in gross irresponsibility, high rate of absenteeism and indiscipline.

v  The flow of communication between workers and management is inadequate.

v  Workers welfare is not taken care of or remuneration is nothing to write home about comparing it with the economic condition of the country.

Looking at these problems, one will quickly notice that workers rate of job performance and organizational hazards that might cause injury or death of workers are based on environment factors. It is the environment that will greatly motivate the workers to increase their job performance.

1.3              Purpose of the Study

The purpose of research study is to find out:

v  The effect of office environment on the job performance of the office workers.

v  The effect of inadequate office furniture and fittings, modern machine on the job performance of workers.

v  The effect of good lighting, ventilation on the job performance of workers.

v  The impact of salary structure on the job performance of workers.

1.4              Research Questions

v  What are physical conditions that make up a good office environment?

v  In what ways does a good office environment assist the office workers on their job performance?

v  What impact do lighting and ventilation have on the performance of office worker?

v  What is the impact of salary structure on the job performance of workers?

1.5              Scope Of The Study

The scope of the study was the effect of poor office environment on job performance of office workers in Abeokuta metropolis.

The study which is based on the impact of poor office environment on the job performance of office workers will identify the important of office environment; know the impact of environmental conditions on the life of workers. It will also look at the factors that lead to poor performance of office workers due to poor environment such as poor lighting, ventilation, noise, inadequate furniture and fittings and unsuitable work tools which create discomfort in the workplace and are harmful to workers health and moral beings and can result in physical and mental fatigue.

1.6              Significance Of The Study

The research is to identify the importance of office environment, know the impact of environmental condition on the life of workers and also to fulfill the following:

v  To serve as criteria or form of references to workers in an organization.

v  To aid students who may wish to conduct research on project that relate to this topic.

1.7              Operational Definition Of Terms

v  Absenteeism: the state of being absent, especially frequently or without good reason.

v  Discipline: an enforced compliance or control.

v  Efficiency: the extent to which time is well used for the intended task.

v  Hazard: the chance of suffering harm, danger, risk of loss.

v  Morale: this means the moral conditions of workers regarding discipline and confidence.

v  Motivation: an incentive or reason for doing something.

v  Performance: it is the act of performing, carrying into execution or action.

v  Satisfaction: a fulfillment of a need or desire.

v  Safety: the condition of being safe.

v  Welfare: satisfactory state of motivation and maintaining workers by guiding them.


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