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Reduction strategies of food waste in selected hotels in Owerri. This research“Reduction strategies in food waste in selected hotel in Owerri using Home Land and Riverside Hotels as a case study” aims to fill the knowledge gap with regards major causes of food waste, how to reduce food waste and generate revenue, to identify the waste audits and to understand the benefit of minimizing food waste. The research finds out that the major cause of wood waste is from the production, processing and retailing phase ie the excessive portion size and eating culture of consumers. The researcher finds out five important formats of minimizing food waste through the following: buy what you need, eat what you buy, keep food fresh, don’t over prepare and ask for a doggle bag. The material used for data collection was questionnaire. The distributed questionnaire was 40 and the number of hotel outlets where it was distributed was 5. In conclusion, the study highlight that the solution to this problem is by applying the five (5) format which was listed above, by training staff on how to use mechanized machinery for production and processing stages, by employing trained staff in the hotels who know the importance of waste audit and finally by identifying ways of legally reuse serving food waste opposed to simply throwing away.


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