Satisfaction and retention, a key to business survival in Nigeria

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This project work studies Satisfaction and retention as a key to business survival in Nigeria. The importance of consumer satisfaction and retention as a key to business survival can be fully appreciated when one realizes the dominant role it plays in the organization (Private and Public sector) and the nation’s economy at large. Consumer satisfaction is the mainstay of an organization in that any firm that fails in this area will barely break even. It improves, increases business activities and promotes economic growth. This project contains five chapters, each chapter concentrate on different aspects of human endeavor and the economy at large. Chapter one is to introduce the importance of the study, and statement of the general problem, objective and rational, the scope and limitation, the Definition of the terms is not an exception. Chapter two discusses the literature review only. Chapter three deals with researcher methodology and the instrument used, research population, also, it explains the sampling procedure employed, and the historical background of the study, and the organizational structures. Chapter four explain the formulation and hypothesis of the study, the presentation of data. Chapter five which is the last chapter of the research work stressed the summary of the findings and the recommendation and also explains the conclusion in an organization. 

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