This project is on Sustaining local government through internal revenue generation , a study of Bosso local government. For the purpose of this research work, both primary and secondary data were collected. For primary data, personal interview and questionnaires were administered. The research work reveals that local government cannot survive based on the revenue it generates by its own self but rather has to support it with the federal statutory allocation and other external sources of revenue generation. This study is carefully divided into five chapters with one leading to another. Chapter one deals with the introduction of the topic of study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, the scope of the study, research limitations, and definition of terms. Chapter two deals with the critical examination of revenue generation, the importance of revenue generation, sources of revenue generation, the structure of Bosso local government and others. Chapter three deals with research design and methodology employed in collecting data. Chapter four deals with data presentation, analysis and interpretation of data. Chapter five look critically into the summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations are made in other to help anybody or researcher that may lay hand on this project work.

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