This project examine the effect of kidnapping on sustainable manpower utilization in Nigeria. Kidnapping, abduction, hostage taking or by whatever name it goes, has had a long history dating back to time immemorial. This dysfunctional act has featured so conspicuously in recent times in Nigeria, as one of the social vices perhaps it could only be second to drug trafficking in global catalogue to crime. According to Adebayo(2011) Kidnapping is all over Nigeria. It is a national problem that has eaten so deep into the tissues of the nation. It is a problem that must be tackled nationally. The high unemployment rate in the  state may have forced citizens to find other ways to make money. To ascertain whether cases of kidnapping has been on the increase or not. Methodology of this  research study adopted the use of survey approach. The area of the study is  Kogi state, central Nigeria. The population of the study base on 2006 census in  Kogi State is 3,314, 043 people. The sample size used is 1,300 from selected local government in Kogi State. The security agencies should be adequately equipped with necessary technology to enable carry out their duties effectively.

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