The impact of public opinion on public policy in Nigeria: an appraisal of 2010-2012



This research work that analysis on the impact of public opinion on public policy in Nigeria from 2010-2012 while narrowing it down to the economic policy of deregulation or fuel subsidy removal of 2012. Broadly divided into five chapters the work breakdown how governmental decisions are being influenced by the opinions of the people in the democracy of Nigeria. History had it that before the discovery of oil agriculture gave Nigeria about 70% of her income until now oil has earned Nigeria a higher foreign income. Hence this work fills the gap and age answers to questions on whether public policies are products of public opinion the impact of public opinion on public policies and if the deregulation is a solution to poverty and underdevelopment. The system theory became the theoretical framework which deals on policy input and policy output. A historical analysis was made on the topic was made while the effect of public opinion on public policies were also discovered. Policies for managing poverty and underdevelopment were broken-down in the work. At the end the work gives an insight and explains the reasons behind policy making in Nigeria and also gave possible solutions to the issue.

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