This research assessed the impact of staff recruitment and training on service delivery using Kogi hotels, Lokoja as a case study. It has been observed that most managers of organizations are not committed to the task involved in the recruitment of staff and training process in service delivery and those who realize the need for it lack the basic skills and techniques required. The objective of this research is to examine and analyze the various quality of leadership and certain basic patterns of supervision that may help in the recruitment of staff and training on service delivery. The method used in collecting data was mainly primary and secondary data and questions which were administered to four departments in the hotel. These were analyzed by simple percentage method. It was discovered from the findings that the way and manner employment is carried out through patronage show that the hotel advertisement and impartial solicit application should be used to secure workers for employment. At the end of the research work, the researcher recommended that emphasis be placed on compliance with the objectives of recruitment as well as the selection policy of the hotel.

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