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INTRODUCTION Life is full of risk and every human being is confronted with possibility that one day one of these hazards which form part of life may befall them because one financial loss or the other. The purpose of insurance is to indemnify the victims for the financial loss they might have suffered as a result of these risks. Risk is a concept that denotes a potential negative impact to an asset or some characteristic of value that may arise from some present process or future event. In everyday usage, “risk” is often used synonymously with the probability of a known loss. Paradoxically, a probable loss can be uncertain and relative in an individual event while having a certainty in the aggregate of multiple events (see risk vs. uncertainty below). Risk is the possibility of an event occurring that will have an impact on the achievement of objectives. Risk is measured in terms of impact and likelihood. Insurance was not set out to climate and cannot soften the blow in a purely financial sense of obtaining monetary compensation to the victims thereby placing them in a financial position. The purchasing of an insurance has been earlier describe as the insured person as a policy holder in order to protect himself against a particular risk, take out a policy with an insured, thereby passing over the risks to the insured on a payment of a fee known as premium. Life is associated with different kind of risk some of this risk are insurable while some are not. The insurance industry in each devices different type of insurance policy to carter for each one to the insurance risk. The more conventual‟s, one being marine, fire, life, aviation, motor, person, accident and a lot of others.


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