THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING IN RETAIL BUSINESS (A Case Study of Chisco Transport Company, Lagos Nigeria)




The research on the role of Advertising in a retail business organization is primarily to appreciate the advertising strategies, policies ideas in retail business and how entrepreneurs should manage advertising activities in their business.

Moreso, my special concern and interest is to reveal the purpose of advertising by retail business organization. In the first chapter of this project, a brief introduction was given on the topic and this contains the purpose of the study, significant of the study, scope of the study and the limitation of the study as well statement of the problem, definition of terms.


Title page………………… i

Dedication.. iii

Certification.. iv


Table Of Contentvi


Chapter One. 1

1.0 Introduction.. 1

1.1 Purpose of the Study. 1

1.2 Statement of the Problem.. 2

1.3 Significance of Study. 2

1.4 Scope of the Study. 3

1.5 Limitation of the Study. 3

Chapter Two.. 4

2.0 Literature Review on the Role of Advertising in Retail Business. 4

2.2 Marketing Communication.. 4

2.3 Development of Advertising in Nigeria with Reference. 5

2.4 What is Advertising. 7

2.5 The Role of Advertising in Retail Marketing Business. 8

2.6 Advertising Research.. 10

2.7 Organisation of Advertising. 15

2.8 Retail Store According Arowomole. 17

2.9 Functions of Retail Business. 18

2.10 Types of Retailers and Retails Outlets. 19

Chapter Three. 24

3.0 Research Methodology. 24

3.1 Description of the Population.. 24

3.2 Sample Plan.. 24

3.3 Data Collection Methods. 24

3.4 Description of Data Collection Instrument26

Chapter Four. 27

4.0 Interpretation and Analysis of Data. 27

4.1 Responses Rate. 27

4.2 Analysis of Individual Statement28

4.3 Does Advertising Improve the Sales of Your Products. 29

4.4 Production Awareness by Customer30

4.5 Achievements of Organisational Goals. 31

4.6 Enhancements of Effective Communications. 32

4.7 Effect of Advertisement Activities on Profit Level32

4.8 Discussion of Finding. 33

Chapter Five. 39

Recommendation.. 40

References. 42


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