This study is on The role of the stock market in the growth of the Nigerian economy. The study investigated the role of the stock market in the growth of the Nigerian economy. In carrying out this study, secondary data were collected and empirical analysis was made. To achieve these objectives, multiple regressions were used in analyzing the data. The empirical results revealed that the stock market is statistically significant to Nigeria’s economic growth. On the other hand, the stock market also has been significant to Nigeria”s economic growth. A random sampling technique was used for the purpose of this research, to choose the sample respondents. The method of data analysis that is used is simple percentage and frequency tabular presentation in which descriptive analysis was used to infer meaning to the data in the table. Also, chi–square was used by the researcher to test the hypothesis. Following this, some recommendation where made which includes: the government should see to it that the operation of the stock market is efficient and effective, there is also need to restore confidence to the market by regulatory authorities through ensuring transparency and fair trading transaction and dealing in the stock market, frantic efforts have to be made to widen the operations of the stock market in terms of a number of quoted companies, the government from time to time has to design and implement effective reform policies to make the stock market responsive to the economic circumstances at any given point in time.

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