Use of formwork design and construction of high building




This research project is designed to critically assess the use of formwork design and construction of high-rise building. The researcher has carried out an extensive research on how important well designed and constructed formwork could be in the construction of high-rise building in Nigeria. The researcher in order to achieve this aim visited libraries, handouts, journals and distributed questionnaires, personal observations. The data obtained from questionnaire was presented and analyzed using the percentage method. The hypothesis was tested using chi-square statistical formula. The researcher found out the followings that contractors of these days no longer go for superior and construction most contractors prefer using block where concrete should have been used. Recommendations were made as follows it is recommended that contractors should learn the proper way of constructing formwork for concrete components. Standard materials should be used for every formwork construction. There should be a stipulated standard for formwork construction in a construction site in Nigeria.

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