Web based automation of pupils’ report card generating system



Abstract A student performance evaluation is an important measure taken to classify students based on their intellectual abilities. This project developed software that will be used to register pupils and generate students report cards. The software uses first and second tests and end of term examination as an instrument for evaluation. The main aim of this project is to develop software that will evaluate pupils’ performance by grading pupils based on their scores for each subject and assignment of a pupil’s class average. Objectively the software creates a platform for management to register their students, create a means for generating class reports card, enable the system to efficiently store and retrieve results, add a schema for computing student results. research method: this is one of the sources in which a research gets direct account, which is obtainable from observation, questionnaire, etc. interview method, this technique collects factors by interviewing personnel connected with the system under investigation questionnaire, the questionnaire is a set of printed question which research employee in an attempt to elicit the vital information from the staff,  secondary data this is the available information on the subject matter from textbooks, magazines, newspapers, and so on. The software implement is using PHP as the front end MySQL at the background. It was founded out that the software can be able to evaluate student’s performance so as to save the student, school officer from the stress of computing student performance manually which waste a lot of time during the process of computing student result to determine their performance at the end of each session. Conclusively, the software effectively resulted in higher performance since the software can assign student class, age, subject, registration number, and scores can be stored retrieved and queried to generate the report card.

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