Projectslib Partnership program for sellers and affiliates (Advertisers)

Welcome to our partnership section, Projectslib Partnership program for sellers and affiliates (Advertisers). We have 2 sections in this program which we will be explaining in details as follows;


In this program you can choose to apply to sell project materials or any research you have at your own price, while we take a percentage from the cost paid by customers. What we deduct per sale from the money paid for the material is #1500 naira ($4), and the remaining is what is paid to you same day the purchase is made of your uploaded research writing. For instance you may decide to sell a project writing for #3,000 naira, if its bought today we owe you #1500 naira which we will send to you. Kindly note; Selling research materials at low prices guarantees much more sales than at high prices, for instance a well written project material currently goes for between 3000naira to 5000naira. Selling multiple research writings on our website is allowed as you can sell and still choose to create links to advertise your research.

To know everything about how to sell project topics and materials on projectslib click HERE 


In this program, you can apply to be an affiliate, what this means is that you can sell any material on our website, and you get paid.


Our payment per material is fixed at #200 naira, all you need do is select for instance the course of study and then click on the icon on the page to generate a link for that page or even you can choose to advertise a specific project topic and once its paid for, automatically your wallet on our website is credited with #200naira.

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NOTE: You can be both a seller and affiliate on our website,  contact us onWHATSAPP if you have any issues.


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